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LabSense, a leading European natural language generation company (NLG), is launching a SaaS platform based on AI, enabling real estate agents and brokers to create optimized content in seconds such as property descriptions and local news for blogs and local websites (agent website) and in various languages (English, Spanish, French…). This innovative solution will allow you to generate optimized content such as ads and other local content in several languages (English, Spanish, French, etc.) in seconds. is a ready-to-use solution that will help you empower your business.

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Save valuable time on writing your real estate content while optimizing your classified ads and reducing your production costs.
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When a new listing is in, your ads will be instantly generated and ready to be published in multiple languages and various formats. Just choose your perfect fit and get it posted!

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With, your property listings are available immediately. You can also generate as much new content as needed allowing you to reallocate resources. So much time saved to focus on your core business!

Quality by design… wants to help you boost your business! Get quality ads in a few minutes, boost your leads, book more calls, and save time to close more sales.

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