How to grow your real estate business with Facebook Marketplace

Successful real estate professionals always have a pulse on the latest technologies to leverage for businesses development.  Facebook Marketplace is one such tool that has been growing in popularly. In short, Facebook Marketplace lets people post products for sale in their local community.  Its access to the social media’s monthly user base of 2 million offers appealing and diverse market segments to tap into. While you can list your properties on Marketplace, it’s not enough to be on top of someone’s mind and ultimately boost sales. Undoubtedly, you need to engage with users and take advantage of other product features.  This article will share the tips and tricks to using Facebook Marketplace effectively for your real estate business.

Create a compelling Facebook Business Page

Having a high visibility on the platform is essential to reaching a wider audience and building trust in your brand. To make yourself even more discoverable to Facebook users, you can maintain a business page that serves as the online representation of your brand. Followers can view listings, access valuable resources for their property hunt, and learn more about your business from the page.
You might ask, “how do I set up a Facebook page for a realtor?” You’ll need the following items to begin:

  • A profile picture and cover photo typically create the first impression of your business. Ensure the images used are professional, attention grabbing, but also consistent to the brand image you want to communicate.
  •  Fill out a clear description of your services and accomplishments in the About section.  This approach not only instills confidence in potential clients about your capabilities, but also enhances the page’s discoverability on search engines.
  • Whether or not you have a Facebook page to represent your business, potential customers will likely assess the reliability of your services by examining your personal profile. Ensure you don’t post anything distasteful and inconsistent to what your brand stands for.  Make use of your bio description by listing your skills and highlighting your accomplishments.
  • Add a call-to-action (CTA) button to your page to turn visitors into qualified leads. Useful CTAs can include calling to book an appointment, visiting your website to view listings, and downloading a resource. 

Create Standout Listings

Next, you need to craft and post high converting listings on Marketplace that grab the attention of the audience. Use both eye catching photos and descriptive language to present a clear and vivid image of the property. To make your listing truly stick out from the rest, add a bit of personality into the language. 

Writing captivating property descriptions can be a time-consuming work of art. Streamline this process by utilizing to generate AI-powered high-quality listings using tools such as This frees up your time to focus on engaging with potential clients. 

Engage with Leads and Customers 

If you want to take your business on Facebook Marketplace to the next level, provide unbeatable customer service to your audience. Address their questions and requests through Messenger in a timely manner. Apart from helping you to stand out from other agents on Facebook, it will support the creation of lasting, positive relationships with your clients.

Maximize Visibility with Facebook Marketplace Paid Promotion

To achieve wider reach for your property listings on Facebook Marketplace, take advantage of the platform’s paid promotion tools. You can convert a Marketplace listing into a boosted listing ad.  With this feature, you can push your listings to a targeted audience of potential buyers or renters outside of the Marketplace feed.

Plus, you’ll be able to measure the effectiveness of the ads and understand where enhancements are needed. The tool is especially useful for small business owners as the ad spending can be defined by you. It is generally affordable compared to other means of marketing & advertising.

More Tips for Maximizing Visibility with Facebook Marketplace Paid Promotion

  1. Select the most appropriate objective. In the paid promotion set up, you will be asked to pick the most important outcome you want to achieve from the campaign. Driving “traffic” to your listing or website can be a fitting objective for real estate agents looking to elevate their business.
  2. Target the right audience. Facebook’s targeting feature enables you to select the demographics and locations of the users you want the listings to be front and center to.  Define the targeted users by considering who will be most interested in the listing to increase the likelihood of inquiries and appointments. For instance, a small apartment in the middle of the city may be more appealing to young working professionals than middle aged adults.
  3. Include photos to highlight selling features of the property. As the visual will be the most prominent thing in the ad, ensure these photos are high quality and have been taken by a professional.
  4. Experiment with various ad copy. Try using different titles and descriptions, to see which ones yield higher click through rates. can generate these ideas with just a few clicks. A/B testing is typically a go-to method for determining the language that resonates most with your ideal audience.
  5. Track results to improve your campaign. Monitor the paid promotion’s performance closely and optimize where needed. An example of this is to change the targeting set up or ad copy until you achieve the desired results.
Image Credit: Zillow

Facebook Marketplace presents a unique opportunity for business development. Real estate professionals who are determined to be the best in the game should not overlook the opportunity to leverage it. Whether you’re looking to sell a house or lease an apartment, masterfully use the platform according to the tips above. Doing so can draw attention to your listings on Facebook Marketplace and ultimately set yourself up for success as a real estate agent. If you’ve found these tips insightful, follow on our social media for the latest blogs and updates.