How to increase the engagement of your real estate page on Facebook?

Every real estate agent wants to know how to increase engagement on their Facebook page. It’s practically an obsession, especially in a market as competitive as today. In this article, we will discuss precisely the techniques to use to achieve this goal. 

Engagement in Facebook posts doesn’t happen by accident. It is the result of a set of techniques and planning.

By increasing engagement on your real estate page on Facebook, you will not only be expanding interaction with your audience and improving the chances of reaching your conversion goal. By increasing engagement, you will also be building your EdgeRank. EdgeRank is an algorithm that determines the reach that the publications of a business page will have depending on the history of the content published on that page.

As this algorithm is responsible for the organic reach of your publications and the relevance of your Facebook page and consequent exposure, you can save on your expenses with paid media on the social network. 

Tips to increase engagement on Facebook 

Let’s find out the main guidelines to get more reach for your publications and gain greater relevance for your real estate agent page.

1. Select the type of posts you will work with

The first guideline on how to increase engagement on Facebook is to select the type of content you will publish. One of the secrets of content marketing is precisely this, knowing what appeals to the public. This space must go beyond listings, bringing quality content that matches the interests of the target audience.

Some types of posts generate more engagement on Facebook and therefore, not just anything qualifies to be published on this social network. Try to work with a kind of post that you can do well and often.

2. Always work with well-crafted images 

Images play a key role in the performance of any publication on Facebook, be it a post or an advertisement, so it is an element to which we must pay special attention. Invest in quality photos with a style that matches your real estate business. Beautiful photos are always eye-catching in ads for example. 

Always try to use highly contextualized images in your publications, as they advance the context of the content and allow for faster and more efficient communication. In addition, according to Social Bakers, images and videos are at the top of the engagement generation chain, making up 93% of Facebook’s most liked and reposted posts. Avoid images that have nothing to do with the content and explore all the possibilities that real estate offers.

Also, when you post, try to combine images and graphics with shares, taking advantage of the gif, video, and 360° functions that Facebook supports today. There are a lot of other apps that can help you design creative real estate posts.

3. Create thought-provoking headlines 

Another essential tip for anyone who wants to increase engagement on Facebook is to use thought-provoking titles in your posts, as they are the second most important factor that highlights a post and encourages the internet user to consume their content.

In the same way that in email marketing the title of the message is essential for the open rate, in Facebook Marketing the title is essential for people to be interested in your message. 

Therefore, dedicate yourself to creating titles that are thought-provoking and that encourage the reading of your message. It is this which will lead the internet user to the existing conversion funnel in your publication and with that to the conclusion of the goal designed for it. Another idea is to ask questions to instigate followers to comment on your posts, for example.

4. Publish at high audience times 

Share content on appropriate days and times, as this is also a key factor for anyone looking to increase engagement on Facebook. 

Maybe you’re wondering what the best day and time would be and the answer is, that depends on the specific characteristics of your audience. So the only way to get that answer is by analyzing your followers. Test for a while to understand if your potential customers connect more in the morning or at the end of the day, lunchtime is usually a good time to post as professionals usually take advantage of their breaks to access social media.

In addition, you can search for this information in your Facebook Insights reports, especially in the Publications tab, where you can check the days and times when your audience is online.

5. Encourage interaction

It is a mistake to believe that the internet user is proactive. On the contrary, in order to get interaction, it is necessary to stimulate it through a Call To Action, a technique consecrated in terms of digital marketing.

So, if you want to know how to increase engagement on Facebook, our tip is to ask people to interact through calls to action complementing the message. We’re not talking about a classic post “Do you want to buy this property today?” But perhaps more appealing suggestions that will create an identification with the public such as: “Are you also dreaming of being able to enjoy the sofa in the living room on Sunday?”, with a beautiful photo of an airy and sunny room or a relaxing video. 

This placement at the end of the text is important, as research shows that if placed early on, they lose their effectiveness as tools for increasing engagement on your Facebook page.

6. Post directly in the app

Facebook doesn’t respond well to other scheduling apps, YouTube links, or anything else from other platforms. 

If you want a more extended organic reach, you need to post directly to Facebook. This means not using buffering, Hootsuite, or similar programs to schedule posts.

The good news is that Facebook allows you to schedule posts for a later date, so you can still plan your posts without needing these programs.

For videos, you can upload directly from your computer instead of using the YouTube link.

7. Evaluate the posting frequency

A study by BuddyMedia found that pages that posted one to two posts a day had a much higher engagement rate when compared to pages with more than one post a day.

This relationship may be linked to the issue of quality and, of course, will vary according to your type of content.

Test your content frequently and make sure your page is prioritizing the customer experience. In a few weeks, you will be able to see better viewing and engagement results.

8. Share first-hand content

Nothing better than hot news posted before everyone else.

Invest in the production of exclusive content and be sure to share other texts that cover the real estate market in the region. You can retain your audience by becoming a reference on the subject and giving them great ideas about the buying and renting process.

The more relevant you are on Facebook, the more likely you are to be able to drive engagement for your real estate content.

9. Create great content

The tip to attract customers to like and comment on your posts is to invest in content, through which you can start a relationship with your audience, which will generate trust and later new business. Some ideas for agents looking to build relevant content are:

  • post interesting news to the public, such as expert interviews or funding tips;
  • create irresistible real estate ads
  • produce testimonial videos with satisfied clients or answer some common customer questions;
  • use event creation to invite consumers to launches;
  • respond to queries through the platform quickly;
  • make exclusive promotions for the page.

Now that you know how to increase engagement on Facebook, it’s a matter of studying these elements and introducing them to your posts. Keep up to date with everything about real estate marketing by following us on on social media!